SBTRKT – Temporary View feat. Sampha


SBTRKT is back with another beautiful collaboration with long time musical companion Sampha.

SBTRKT started out in the music scene keen to avoid attention on the man behind the scenes and let the music do the talking. That hasn’t quite worked though, with the name Aaron Jerome now tied to this music. Kenyan born and London raised, Jerome started making a name for himself in the nu-jazz/broken beat scene, before turning to a more bass-driven, electronic and glitchy sound.

Sampha Sissay, also hailing from London, is a singer-songwriter who has worked with some big names other than SBTRKT, such as Jessie Ware, Drake, and Katy B among others. He’s released solo EPs of his own, the latest Dual released in 2013. Some of his best known collaborations have arguably been with SBTRKT though, as he featured heavily on SBTRKT’s self-titled album, on tracks like “Hold On” and “Sanctuary”.

“Temporary View” takes us back to that self-titled album. It’s a track that’s quite complex, but sounds really quite simple. On first listen it’ll be Sampha’s crooning, soulful vocals that draw you in. Listen closely and you’ll notice the many layers underneath, that consistent driving rhythm, bright synths, glitchy electronic sounds that weave in and out.

If you’re keen for more SBTRKT and happy to focus on his instrumental productions, check out his Transitions EPs, the latest installation Transition III was recently released. We’re also keeping our ears out for SBTRKT’s next album, set to be released sometime this year.


Hometown: London, UK.
Latest EP: SBTRKT – Transitions III released June 2 2014; Sampha – Dual released July 2013.
Sounds like: James Blake, Four Tet.
Say what? Go to a SBTRKT gig, and you’ll see a tribal-masked man on stage – taking inspiration from tribal societies, Jerome likes to use the mask to take on a character on stage, and separate Jerome from SBTRKT.

Happy listening!


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