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Urban planning might not be the usual inspiration for band names, but electronic trio Garden City Movement might be on to something (who doesn’t like having some trees in your city?). Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Garden City Movement is made up of Johnny Sharoni, Roi Avital, and Yoav Saar. Prior to forming, Avital and Saar worked together as part of Lorena B, and have performed with the likes of Disclosure and Bondax, while Sharobi had made a name for himself as a DJ, music journalist, and all round nightlife persona.

The release of their debut EP Entertainment in November last year received a lot of blog lovin’, with tracks “Casa Mila” and slojam “Move On” some highlights. It also landed them supporting slots for SOHN and Cults while they were in Israel, and also seeing them make their festival debut at Glastonbury this year. They’ve been keeping busy, about to release another 4-track EP, Bengali Cinema. The lead track, “Terracotta”, has already received a whole heap of praise, so things are already looking good for this latest offering from the electronic trio.

This latest track is the title track off their forthcoming EP. It’s a little more upbeat and dance-able than “Terracotta”, with floating pop melodies that are so easy on the ear. It’s got everything you need for some synth-pop goodness: driving bass, crooning vocals, upbeat toms, soaring synths and some echoed guitar.

Keep an ear out for the rest of the four-track Bengali Cinema EP, which is set to be released on June 23rd.


Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel
Latest EP: Entertainment EP released November 2013
Sounds like: Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursGoldroom, St Lucia
Say what? The music video for “Move On” has officially been selected for the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. Directed by well-known Israeli actor and rapper/musician Michael Moshonov, Lael Utnik and Mayan Toledan, it captures the beautiful love story of two emotionally drawn females. Watch it here.

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