Jack Garratt – Worry

Jack Garratt

The solo electronic multitasker known as Jack Garratt has recently released his new track “Worry”, earning him some good music vibes.

After releasing tracks like “Water” and “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway”, Jack has taken his tunes to new places with his bendy approach towards genre.

There’s a touch of soul, funk and electro in “Worry”: a lighthearted mediation on the final stages of a relationship breakdown. Garratt’s rich vocals wrap the track up in a nice warm blanket, with drums that provide gentle tugs. The chorus is where the electro synths soar to full capacity, accompanied by his swanky vocals. The blasé melody makes it sound like an argument infected with sarcasm as Garratt tells us not to worry, whilst remaining on struggle street himself.

There’s a rawness to the track, giving us the full scope of conflicted emotion. Be warned, this song could bring back some bad memories, or help you fill a hole in your heart with some healthy humour. The nonchalant tempo contrasts with Garratt’s messy situation. The track embodies an experience of staying up late at night with bitter thoughts to keep you company as they endlessly swim in circles.

This beardy man is currently on tour in the UK at the moment ‘til late August and has recently unveiled his release date for an upcoming EP Remnants (14 July).

One last thing from the team at art felicis, don’t worry – be happy!


Hometown: Little Chalfont, Bucks (currently in London, UK).
Sounds like: Caribou, We The Wild, Phoria.
Say what? If you look closely, Garratt’s beard has a tinge of ranga in it.

Je suis la imaginer, Imogen.

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