Grimes – Go feat. Blood Diamonds

It’s been a couple of years since Grimes has released anything new since her breakthrough album Visions. This is a taster of her upcoming album because, “It’s our summer jam so we figured we should put it out cuz I am very bored of waiting to finish my album b4 releasing new music haha.” No complaints here!

She played “Go” live for the first time earlier in June at The Governors Ball festival in New York (which had a ridiculous lineup by the way – Outkast, Disclosure, Childish Gambino, Empire of the Sun, Foster the People – I’ll stop now before I experience FOMO-induced depression).

“Go” features LA producer Blood Diamonds and it’s got a bit of everything. It’s a departure from popular Grimes songs like “Oblivion” and “Genesis” as it has some pretty heavy Skrillex inspiration coming through, but don’t worry – you’ll still hear Grimes’ signature airy voice hitting those top notes effortlessly. It also has quite a pretty ending with what sounds like a violin or cello. This song was actually originally written for Rihanna by Grimes and Blood Diamonds together, which explains the pop-leaning vibes, but she rejected it. Boo. I can imagine Rihanna smashing this track.

It might be a divisive release for fans of Claire Boucher’s original work which is much more experimental (and arguably better), but could it be a gateway to more people discovering the charming work of Grimes?

Download this one for free at her website!


Hometown: Vancouver, Canada.
Sounds like: Equally as amazing and distinctive vocalists like Purity Ring and Chairlift.
Say what? Boucher and her ex-boyfriend went on a truly fantastical boat adventure (with 20 pounds of potatoes and live chickens) down the Mississippi River which ended in a run-in with the law and a broken down homemade house boat. I swear, I did not make this up.

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