Bondax – All I See

If you’re needing a summery escape like us here at art felicis, Bondax have just released the cure for you. The two young 20 years olds from small town Lancaster near London have released their latest happy new tune, “All I See”.

Adam Kaye and George Townsend first started collaborating together at the tender age of 16, although George had started producing at 14, while Adam had been bashing drums and strumming guitars since he was 8. They’ve received a lot of love from taste-making blogs and BBC Radio over the past few years, propelling them into the spotlight. In 2012 they started their own recording label, Just Us Recordings. Their first release was Karma Kid’s “It’s Always”, and they’ve also released a song by Aussie artist George Maple.

“All I See” is a song bounding with energetic happy vibes, and those tropical beats give it a real summery feel. You can just see the wide open blue sky, feel the sun shining down on your bare skin, wind in your hair… The vocals gracing this track are courtesy of British singer, songwriter, rapper, Tanya Lacey. Lacey is another artist that started out in the industry young (don’t they all these days?), quitting her A-levels midway through to join a local reggae band. She’s since released her own Head Chef EP, and co-wrote’s hit “T.H.E“.

The boys are currently doing a round of festivals in Europe, and will be heading to Australia for the first time in October for Listen Out. You can get this track in time for our southern summer good times on September 7, and keep it on repeat till then for some sweet escapism.


Hometown: Lancaster, UK
Latest EP: Gold released January 2013
Sounds like: Duke Dumont, Kidnap Kid
Say what? The boys are big fans of Rolo Yoghurts

Happy Listening!


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