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nova and the experience

Ever since she landed the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in the blockbuster franchise “Hunger Games”, everything has been coming up Jennifer Lawrence. Alongside her Oscar and Golden Globe wins, Lawrence can now add ‘muse’, with a song now named after her.

Nova and the Experience are a 4 piece indie-pop band from Sydney. Siblings James and Anna Buckingham share the vocal duties (James also plays guitar), while Jake Asser is on bass and Laurie Mahon on drums. They received a lot of love for their last EP There’s Something Here, with songs “Dragonflies and Waterfalls” and “We are the Children” getting lots of play.

“Jennifer Lawrence” is their latest track and comes off their upcoming EP Where We Go, set to be released this August. It’s a slow, bitter-sweet song about eloping with your loved one in one last attempt to save what has been lost. Inspiration for the name of this song came after James watched a series of interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, and felt that “her (apparent) honesty about who she is, is a great quality and makes her a great role model.”

The video features also features Jennifer Lawrence… albeit in cardboard cut-out form. The band left a cute message for the actress, hoping she wasn’t disturbed by the video:

“To the real Jennifer Lawrence: if you happen to read this, sorry we used your name. Was it weird when u found the video? It probably was. I would also be a little creeped out if some random peeps from the other side of the world were singing my name in a song. AND what about that cardboard cutout!?! That shit would be creeeepy if it were of me and I saw it. Did you know you can just buy those things online!?! Crazy. I swear we are not weirdos……..well maybe we are. Anyways, thanks. From N.A.T.E.”

The band are doing a tour around Australia to support the release, already selling out their first Sydney show. Don’t stress though, they’ve already decided to put on a second show in Sydney, and you can still get tickets to their other shows.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Latest EP: There’s Something Here EP, released June 2013.
Sounds like: A bit like Of Monsters and Men.
Say what? Anna was once presented with a durian at a gig.

Happy listening!

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