Allday – You Always Know The DJ

There’s so much great Australian music being released recently that I’m having a difficult time sifting through all the emails and articles and feeds. Yes, I am complaining about how quality our music scene is right now. 

At the forefront is Adelaide/Melbourne rapper Allday. We’ve covered a range of Australian hip hop acts at art felicis – including Ry, Remi and Bam Bam. It’s a divisive niche genre, but Allday straddles an area crossing pop , hip hop and electronic, and thus opens his music up to a wide range of fans. 

Real name Tomas Gaynor, he’s just released his debut album Startup Cult which is currently sitting at number 2 on the ARIA charts. “You Always Know The DJ” is the second single off the album following the success of “Right Now”. I was a big fan of his older track “So Good” (damn that track is so good), but at a time when he didn’t have that many other stand out tracks going around, I had my doubts about his staying power.

However, since then, pretty much everything he’s released has been a solid effort, and “You Always Know The DJ” continues that run. This stripped back track with simple piano chords, minimals beats and a little bit of vocal manipulation still proves his knack for writing utterly catchy hooks while also keeping a certain level of raw, unrefined rapping. He’s stated that, “making music may not be healing the sick or feeding the hungry, but if it makes you forget your problems for a few minutes then I’ve done my job. Whether you buy the CD, buy the mp3s or even torrent the album, I hope it means something to you.”


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest Album: Startup Cult, released 4 July 2014. 
Sounds like: Jackie Onassis and Chance Waters
Say what? One of the tracks in Startup Cult, “Another Night At Windy Point”, features bong sound effects. 

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