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Here at art felicis, we’re gearing up for RY X‘s Melbourne gig with his single “Berlin” that was released November last year. Aussie singer-songwriter Ry Cuming (RY X) from the small surfer town of Angourie has been making waves after signing with Stockholm-based Dumont Dumont last year.  Since then, RY X’s music has been featured on a European advertising campaign for Sony TVs. RY X has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles and has developed a new soulful sound.

His single “Berlin” evokes a certain reverb-heavy guitar sound. Oh, so intense. Although the lyrics are minimal, “Berlin” manages to somehow reach into your rib cages and hold onto your heart.

You can feel it in your bones through the deep, rich vocals and velvet-smooth melody. Some may say RY X uses an overused anthem of love for his song material – but who doesn’t? It’s hard to prevent yourself from falling in love with his acoustic circles.  RY X has the ability to produce a sound that has an endless cycle of emotional ripples. He gives us something we can all relate to. If you’re into Bon Iver and all things beautiful – I’d recommend giving RY X a chance.

If you’re a fan of goosebumps and oceans, head down to his exclusive Melbourne or Sydney show.

Grab your tickets:
Melbourne: 30 July Howler Melbourne, Brunswick
Sydney: 29 July Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst


Hometown: Angourie, NSW, Australia.
Latest EP: Berlin, released 28 November 2013.
Sounds like: Matt Corby, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver.
Say what? RY X mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley had the greatest musical influence on him.

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