Kito & Reija Lee – Turn Into You

Kito & Reija Lee

Kito & Reija Lee are not only good looking but also create some pretty sweet music.

In this musical collaboration, Reija covers the vocals and Kito produces. It kickstarted when they released a track for Skream’s defunct label Disfigured Dubz and were then discovered by the ubiquitous producer Diplo and his label Mad Decent.

‘Turn Into You’ is a track from their aptly titled second EP. I love the uncomfortable trap beats at the start, where you don’t know what direction this song is heading in and you can’t quite find the right beat to tap along to. There’s also some excellent use of complete silence. Then it hits the chorus where the hook draws you in, and the song suddenly transforms into a pop number.

It’s a good four-track EP. If you like this, stream the entire thing on Soundcloud.


Hometown: Perth, Australia – London, UK.
Latest EP: II, released 23 July 2014.
Sounds like: PhantogramGrimes, Alison Wonderland

Say what? In an interview with Vibe, they reveal that “Reija was born in a town of seven people and Kito grew up in a mud brick house, a six-hour drive south of Perth (middle of no where, or ‘out in the sticks’ as we say in Australia).”

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