Lomepal – Chute libre

Antoine Valentinelli (Lomepal) is a French dude you may not have heard of. However, the new release of his single “Chute libre” translating to ‘free fall’ is something you should be familiar with – it’s dope! This cool cat grew up in Paris and has been rapping from a young age. Since collaborating with friends from high school and randomly being invited to rap on their track “A la trappe” when a friend flaked out, he scored a one way ticket to enter the big world of hip hop.

Now, three years later and 22 years old Lomepal’s musical craft is less freestyle and more structured, labeling it as heading towards “pure music” in an interview earlier this year by Larsenic. Lomepal’s last album Cette foutue perle was released September last year and shares some of the same tasty vibes as his new single Chute libre. His reflections on live performances: “Stage is a science, like any other element in rap. It’s even an art for some,” make him a pretty interesting guy and worth a listen.

I think when you press play to “Chute libre”, you’ll agree with me when I say that: everything sounds better in French. Especially rap. Perhaps it’s the guttural language that makes Lomepal’s tunes roll with an easy rhythm.

So smooth. Such rap. Do you yourself a favour and take a listen. If you’re wondering what the lyrics are saying, there’s a heavy political commentary on current global financial issues such as the fight for workers rights and dichotomy between rich and poor.

“Arrête la chute libre” [Stop the free fall] Lomepal sounds like a serious guy, until you hear he loved watching Dragon Ball as a kid and now is seriously into TV Show Breaking Bad.

Future plans involve a new EP in the making, apparently in two contrasting parts (with darker and lighter content).


Hometown: Paris, France.
Sounds like: Stromae, Mobb Deep, Akhenaton.
Say what? Check out what old school Lomepal and his hip hopper friends were up to 3 years ago: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/ xlk1dc_nekfeu-x-lomepal-x-l-o-a-la-trappe_music

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