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Twin producers and all round cool guys, Cosmo’s Midnight, sat down with Imogen for some nacho chips and chats after performing at Splendour.

This dynamic duo have surged ever since releasing a remix of Flume’s “Sleepless” in 2012, allowing them to step foot into the big world of electro music. Since then, the brothers have released mind blowing singles like “Phantasm” and “The Dofflin” as well as their super lush debut EP “Surge”. In April this year, “Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cosmo’s Midnight Bootleg)” became another hit, demonstrating yet again the duo’s versatility and impressive style.

Cosmo’s Midnight talk about tunes, musical experiences and share what it’s like to work with big names, like Flume. Make sure you don’t miss tricks of the trade or what Cosmo’s Midnight are currently jamming to.

cosmo's midnight

Photo: Imogen Llewellyn

IMOGEN: Can you tell us a little bit about the vibes at Splendour and what your festival experience was like there?

PAT: The first night was probably the best one, because it was when Outkast played and it was in this natural amphitheatre on the stage…it’s actually called the amphitheatre for a reason.

COSMO: It’s actually like a gladiator pit, you go to the top and look down and there’s literally twenty or thirty thousand people down there.

PAT: And it even wraps around the hill. There was like a bit more than thirty thousand people there.

COSMO: It was surreal.

PAT: And it was really cool, because during “Hey Ya” this dude lit a flare and another guy shot like a hand gun flare all the way out. And then they dropped the flare on the ground and it was just like *BOOM*.

COSMO: The vibe at Splendour in general – it’s very relaxed actually…the whole festival kinda ends at 12 am and like it keeps going in certain areas, but the main acts done. It’s quite a chilled schedule and it was pretty hectic in terms of the acts, because they were all clashing everywhere, but that’s bound to happen at such a big venue.

IMOGEN: How would you say your lives have changed since your music has gained momentum?

COSMO: Not much has changed in terms of what we do, but we play live a lot more and get paid for it now which is obviously a great change cause we can have a bit more independence.

PAT: Sustainability.

COSMO: Yeah, we can go and do stuff – like eat some nachos! Which is something we didn’t really do before, but yeah we’ve gotten some good money. We’re hoping to travel to Japan with it, so that’s a really good thing. And I’ve gotten a bit fatter since I started getting paid cause I just eat so much. Now I’ve got money, I just can’t stop eating – it’s crazy.

PAT: It’s also really good, because we can buy a lot more music gear. So, we rented out a studio space, we’ve got monitors, good speakers, sound cards and keyboards.

IMOGEN: What’s it like to work with guys like Flume and Wave Racer?

PAT: I think from an outsider’s perspective you feel like these people are like gods and stuff.

COSMO: Untouchable.

PAT: Yeah, but when you meet them in real life they’re sort of just like exactly the same as anyone else, they’re just normal people. And you just relate on a musical level, it’s really cool and I feel like it’s really weird when people come up to you and are like OMG!

COSMO: Yeah, the way we react is so underwhelming and it must seem like we don’t like them – but it’s not like that at all, we just don’t know what to say. We actually knew Wave Racer before he was Wave Racer.

PAT: We’re on the same management as well.

COSMO: We’re all together. We hang out all the time, we’re literally mates. It’s really good to have that connection and we always bounce ideas off each other and work on stuff together.

PAT: Yeah, we share studio space.

IMOGEN: How do you go about choosing which tracks you’d like to work with and remix?

COSMO: That’s pretty easy to say, if it’s something that’s really ‘hooky’ in the original… we can take that differently and write a different thing around that.

PAT: Just like a melody or line that sticks out and you’re like wow, I want to reinterpret that and take it in a new direction.

COSMO: The way we go in remixing is to try and make an original track, we’re not trying to just do a variation – but to go in and make an entirely different thing.

IMOGEN: What’s your preferred venue for live performances?

PAT: I like small venues.

COSMO: Yeah, they’re more intimate. You’re right there in amongst the people. Everyone is a little less shy, I don’t know – people are a bit more reserved at festivals. Depends on the song as well.

PAT: I feel like you can play more inventive music when you’re playing in smaller venues, where as when you’re at festivals you kind of have to play festival music to cater – playing big exciting stuff.

IMOGEN: Who are your musical influences?

PAT: Vast.

COSMO: Endless. We could talk about our recent influences? When we first started out as Cosmo’s Midnight – we were really getting a bit desensitised to the dubstep stuff. We liked it back it in the day.

PAT: Yeah, when we were still in school.

COSMO: We liked that music because it was what our older brother listened to, so we liked The Presets and Bag Raiders – a lot of electronic acts. We were like we want to make stuff like that, also a lot of french electro acts like Justice and SebastiAn. We really liked that scene, but we got a little bit disenchanted and wanted to make something a bit more lasting.

PAT: Something that can endure.

COSMO: Yeah, and when we’re writing music you can hear what we were listening to at the time and what we were enjoying at that time. We were making the chilled-ambient stuff and now we’re moving towards music similar to what we’re listening to now like Lido, 813, Calum Bowen and a lot of video game music. Video game music is so ADHD, but so enjoyable because everyone second there’s something happening. Three minutes can feel like a life time in a really good way.

PAT: I feel like everyone in the scene we’re doing right now is just sort of inspired by each other. It just feels like a big melting pot of musical ideas.

IMOGEN: What’s the funniest mistake you’ve ever made when playing a live show?

COSMO: Oh, they’re never funny. It’s just scary. Just accidentally pressing play on a different track and it just cuts out…. But I feel it’s kinda good because they see we can make mistakes. But yeah, it’s just small things like audio cutting. Like when we were playing at Splendour, the sample rate was really weird and making this buzzing sound and we were like: “ahhh” and changing it during the intro of the song.

PAT: I think people thought it was an effect of something, cause it was dipping the pitch.

IMOGEN: How would you describe the electronic music scene at the moment?

PAT: It’s very vast and it’s pretty progressive, people are trying to push stuff in new directions instead of settling into predictable things. It doesn’t really seem to be settling down into a genre. It just seems to be: music is just music?

COSMO: I think people are writing music more for songs now and not thinking about how it’s going to fit in anything. They’re not trying to make a genre, they’re just making what they feel like and then it eventually fits into a genre.

IMOGEN: I watched an interview with Table 9 Mutants where you mentioned you were keen on becoming more of a unit with Astral People – matching jackets?

COSMO: I feel like the next level is always like to combine and conquer.

PAT: Isn’t it supposed to be divide and conquer?

COSMO: No, isn’t it combine? [laughs] Well, what we want to do is combine with our mates and then go to the top. The way to do that… people like A$AP (Rocky) and like Odd Future – it works. You all come together, give yourself a collective image and people really love the idea.

PAT: Even just like Sad Boys.

COSMO: Yeah, and like Yung Lean and Yung Gud all those guys – they kill it and I really like that aesthetic that they’re going for right now. Hopefully we can do stuff with them sometime.

IMOGEN: You must be pretty busy this time of year, what’s in store for the future?

PAT: We actually took a couple of months of since March to write new material and we went into some studios and recorded some vocals.

COSMO: Yeah, we’re trying to work on getting a good backlog of tunes to see how we want to piece them together and put out an EP or something bigger. We’ve just had to write a lot of songs and step back from our live music part for a bit.

PAT: But, we’re going to be doing more club shows. We’re playing in Brisbane next week at the Met with Tigerlily.

COSMO: Next year, we’ll be going ‘round the world a bit. Probably America and Europe, but right now it’s kind of just like putting out some big singles for summer.

PAT: We’re doing a real cool New Year’s show as well in Melbourne, Beyond the Valley.

IMOGEN: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?

PAT: Keep at it [laughs]. Don’t give up whatever you’re doing!

COSMO: But yeah, if you’re producing the best thing to do is just to stick at it, always. People get so disheartened by the fact that they’re not famous yet and I know a lot of people that go into it with that intention. The main thing is just not stop! Stay posted! We’ve got so many new tunes to put up.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Latest SongAlunaGeorgeSuperstar (Cosmo’s Midnight x Lido Remix)
Sounds like: Lido, Wave Racer, Flume
Say what? The boys study Arts degrees (Contemporary Music) at USYD – make sure you show them some love if you spot them on campus.

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