Can We Work This Out? – The Harpoons


The Harpoons are a band that have flipped.  Since starting in 2006, they played with a louder, soul revivalist kind of sound but come 2013/2014, the band have now moved over to a more electronica and R’nB vibe that has only made their trajectory in the music scene more successful.

Following up from their previous and incredibly catchy release “Unforgettable”, their latest track “Can We Work This Out?” features a similar slow burning, synth and electric drum beat sound to create a song that deals with the heavy idea that we’ve all been through; this relationship is ending and I know it is but I hope it’s not, but I know it is.

The great thing about this track is that it utilises the vocals of both Bec Rigby (main vocalist) and Martin King (beats).  This format allows a story from both sides of the situation to come through as King’s despair and hope is countered by Rigby’s airy and confused replies.  Pure perfection through innovative dimension.

A simple song with glockenspiel inflections, The Harpoons have hit a soft spot with “Can We Work This Out?” whilst reiterating such a complex and all too well known situation into a unique, wonderful and affixing musical experience.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Upcoming release:  Falling For You’ (due 2014)
Sounds like: Chet Faker, Mr Little Jeans, Dillon
Say what?:  Band member, Martin King is the other half of the Melbourne duo, Oscar + Martin.  The other band member?…the one and only Oscar Key Sung.

Paws and pineapples, Cat

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