FKA twigs – LP1


Finally, it’s out!!!

LP1 is the debut album from FKA twigs who has been making huge tracks and impacts since she released her track “Water Me” last August. Fast forward one year and twigs has become one of the most influential and highly anticipated artists of 2014.

It probably helps that this album has been marketed to the shit. It literally has ads, posters and trending placements all over the joint but at least it’s an album that deserves it (sorry Taylor Henderson…who ever the hell you are).

Right from the get-go (the first track “Prelude”) we are treated to overlays, vocal loops and deep, drawn-out drum and bass to create a cacophony of sound and the world of the album. This is the world of FKA twigs that we all know and enter willingly…without any force…but kind of like we are subliminally been driven by a Siren.

“Lights On” follows with resonating glocks and a spooky guitar riff that manage to hold the song together under twigs soft and airy voice.

It is on this second track, with lyrics like “When I trust you we can do it with the lights on”, that we are again reminded of the subject matter that FKA twigs deals with; sex, physicality and the way love tries to fit in there.

The next track needs no introduction (because we’ve already gakked over it and discussed it in length here); “Two Weeks”. This track is the obvious standout on the album. The production values are second to none and it appears more as a whole song rather than a snippet of memory and feeling mashed together (like some of the other tracks do).

Another standout is “Pendulum” which is a beautifully composed track with the lyrics and build-ups creating an atmosphere of abandonment and repair.

Yes. It’s FKA twigs.

And yes, we’ve waited for this album for a year but it kind of sounds all the same by the time you get to track six (“Video Girl”). Although twigs’ sound is unique and identifiable to her, the entire album sits in rather the same spot and doesn’t build or move anywhere.

Is this why we like FKA twigs? Because she is consistent? Because in a music market based on one-hit artists, she has been able to construct an identity for herself in an otherwise sea of anonymity?

Sure. LP1 is great but it’s not different in the realm of FKA twigs, its just typical twigs. LP1 is just different in the realm of mainstream and only time will tell if this is enough.


Hometown:  London, UK
Sounds like:  Portishead, The Weeknd, Kelela
Say what?  FKA twigs is a strong rumour for Australia’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival next year.

Paws and pineapples, Cat

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