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Tim Fitz, Sydney based multi-instrumentalist, is bumping up the music scene with the release of his new catchy single “Sour”. FBi radio spotted him back in 2011 with his two self-produced EPs. Since then, Tim has been given the thumbs up by Triple J and Triple J unearthed scoring airplay and killer reviews.

His new single “Sour” is accompanied by a quirky DIY film clip, directed by Cameron Crew. Featuring streets of Kings Cross and areas of Hyde Park, Tim’s fast-paced clip match his witty lyrics. Poking fun at the constant struggle for success, Tim’s shenanigans point to a bigger truth about how vulnerable people really are.

“Every time we go out if leaves a sour taste man, it’s all you get when Sydney town is a booze filled wasteland.”

Fitzy shredding up the stage at Brighton Up Bar last night (Sydney)

Above: Tim Fitz shredding it up at Brighton Up Bar, Sydney last night.

Poppy synths, electro vibes and eclectic effects make for a kooky song worth checking out. With all the punctuated percussion, interesting layered vocals and everything else going on- it’s hard to believe that this is a one-man production.

Future Fitz is gearing up for the release of his third EP, with last night showcasing his single “Sour” at Brighton Up Bar (Sydney) where he ripped it up.

Tim Fitz is definitely a one of a kind performance, he was supported by the likes of Shaky Handz and Blackwood from Valar. The atmosphere was almost euphoric, as everyone nodded and swayed to Fitzy’s magical beats in the cosy small bar and watched him turn and twist different nobs with ease to produce his multi-layered loops.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Latest Single: “Sour” (released 24 July 2014).
Sounds like: Andrew Bird, Ben Folds & Jonathan Boulet.
Say what? Tim’s been invited to share the stage with several big players, including Oh Mercy, Flume, Oscar Key Sung, Matt Corby and Elizabeth Rose.

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