Jamie T – Zombie

London musician Jamie T has returned to the music world since last releasing music back in 2009. 

In line with the pop culture obsession, “Zombies” is off his upcoming third album Carry On The Grudge, following on from “Don’t You Find”. It’s a hugely different musical direction – likely to be both winning and losing him fans. 

Of this new angle, he said, “I spent a long time working on songs over the past few years and trying to get power out of slow songs rather than using tempo to get aggression out.”

It’s a far cry from old favourites like “Sticks ‘n’ Stones” which were more rough around the edges and raw. “Zombies” is a more tightly produced polished example of indie pop. His signature rapping style is nowhere to be seen. Is this what they call maturity, or maybe simply just change? While I loved the brash sense of fun in Jamie T’s old work, I find his new tracks engaging and maintain that same quality level of songwriting. And how can you go past that accent?


Hometown: London, UK.
Upcoming album: Carry On The Grudge, out 29 September 2014. 
Sounds like: Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, Mystery Jets.
Say what? Jamie T announced a secret surprise set at Reading Festival in the UK on Twitter just last night

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