Barbarossa – Elevator EP


Londoner James Mathé, the man behind Barbarossa serves a lethal dose of folk, R&B and electronic pop. The solo project of Barbarossa dove into the groovy side of electronic folk last year, with his killer debut album Bloodlines.

Barbarossa has continued to impress with the new release of Elevator, a four track EP with a delightful timbre of electronic minimalism.

The EP was recorded with Robert D. Morris, a fellow talented electro artist – complimenting Mathé’s emotive tunes. In Mathé’s former days he played in Jose Gonzales’ acoustic-style band, but has dropped the guitar for moody synths, classic keys and slow powerful rhythms.

Mathé’s classic vocals burn their way through the tracks, with compelling beats revealing a devastatingly truthful sound. His Elevator EP shows a logical extension of Barbarossa, with more tenderness than a juicy slow cooked lamb shank.

Mathé’s heartbreaking reverb has the right combination of organic and electro notes, giving the EP an enigmatic poignancy that deserves a listen.

Also, check out Barbarossa perform the amazing track ‘Bloodline’ (Live) below. So much soul, it tugs at the heartstrings.

List of Tracks:
1. Elevator

2. Win/End

3. No Glue

4. Lupo’s Theme


Hometown: London, UK.
Latest EP: Elevator (released 17 June 2014).
Sounds like: Husbands, Outfit & Jabberwocky
Say what? An interesting fact is that the EP was originally created as a soundtrack to a short film called ‘White’, written and directed by Montserrat Lombard and Sean Harris of Southcliffe and Prometheus Fame.

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