The Kite String Tangle – Vessel EP Tour @ The Corner Hotel

10620635_863703060309587_2237493808157103829_nCredit: Aleksander Jason (ahem, dat lean)

He charmed us. He really really charmed us.

Obviously we’re talking about Danny Harley from The Kite String Tangle, who Jane and I got to meet in person after his gig at The Corner Hotel.

Holy moly. Did I mention that we were charmed? His music. His voice. His fabulous head of hair! I know Jane has dibs, but I’m single too Danny (just in case it doesn’t work out between the two of you). Apologies for using the word “dibs” by the way. We’d never objectify you Danny!

We attended the Sunday show, which ended up being pretty relaxing. No drunkards. No mosh. Just a chilled out bunch of people enjoying the music.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him perform live, but this time he’s touring Australia to promote his debut EP, Vessel. Performing favourites “Arcadia” and “Given The Chance”, he also played the remaining four tracks off his EP, including “Words”, “What’s The Point?”, “Stone Cold” and “What If”.

“What If” is becoming a fast favourite of mine, and he launched into it with a long-ass intro that surprisingly didn’t sound much like him. A bit less ethereal, and a bit more techno than usual. It was at this point that I asked Jane, “Are you going to ask for his number?” to which she simply replied, “How?”.

Not “Who?”, not “Why?, not “Shut up you crazy!”. Simply “How?” (we’ve got this telepathic thang when it comes to Danny)

He also played his “Clair De Lune” Like A Version cover, and oldie “Commotion”—both of which got the tame Sunday crowd seriously fired up. Tiana Khasi, the stunning vocals featured in “Stone Cold”, also made an appearance, and the art felicis crew are definitely going to keep an eye on her—Danny referred to her as “Australia’s Beyoncé” after all.

By the end of his set, Danny said he would be hanging around if anyone wanted a chat, so of course Jane and I had to line up near the merch table to say hi. I think we did a pretty good job of presenting ourselves as legitimate bloggers despite the crazed fan girl thoughts rushing buzzing in our heads.

The set was amazing and The Kite String Tangle killed it (we’re not surprised). Jane the fan girl even bought a merch tee. She’s going to try to make it work by sleeping in it.



Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Latest EP: Vessel, released 8 August, 2014.
Sounds like: Chet Faker, Jaymes Young, Active Child
Say what? He reads the blog 🙂

Ciao ciao, Arianna


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