Please go away Lorde. Meg Mac is here with her debut EP MEGMAC and it is organic, it is different, it is truth and it fits perfectly into the pocket of Australian music that I like to label “fucking brilliant”.

Let me take you back to a time where I was selfish and nearly crashed my car and potentially screwed up the lives of others on the road at the time.

You see, “Every Lie” was playing on Triple J a little while back and, being totally perplexed and amazed by it’s oscillation between soft and graceful tones to full on clenching pitches grabbed from the bottom of the stomach, I quickly was trying to find my phone so I could Shazam what was then an unknown beauty.

I managed to catch the last twenty seconds of the song and from here I was introduced to the soul-pop wonder that is Meg Mac.

MEGMAC features the previously released “Every Lie”, “Grandma’s Hands” and the runaway hit “Roll Up Your Sleeves”.

Listening to these songs reinvigorate a little of the vibes that Missy Higgins used to put down in her hey day however, Mac is an updated version with a more soulful and stronger style to her vocal inflections.

There are no guitar ballads, just sturdy piano and organ progressions filled out with hand claps, pounding basic drum beats and angst filled lyrics.

The stand-out is “Roll Up Your Sleeves” which starts off some playful piano chords and slowly builds to an inspirational and invigorating gospel-choir-esque movement about getting shit done and “everything is gonna be alright”.

At a short five songs, MEGMAC is long enough to showcase what we can hope to expect from this 23-year-old Melbournite and initiates enough interest for her to sell out two shows on her debut national tour that is happening right now. Get on it by clicking here for details.

This girl is going to take us by storm. See ya Lorde.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Latest release: MEGMAC, released 12 September, 2014-09-19
Sounds like: Thelma Plum, Eves, Saskwatch
Say what? Meg Mac writes all her own promotional material on her Facebook page and it is literally the cutest thing ever to look at. She gets super excited about everything and grateful for every opportunity given to her. Check out her page here.

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