Lauren Glezer- Searching For Tall EP Launch @ The Wesley Anne



Lauren Glezer has one of the biggest hearts in Melbourne and when you watch her play live, you feel it envelop you immediately and constantly.


Yes. I started this review off with a grand statement but Lauren did this too when she played her new single “This Living” first despite what convention has led us to expect.

Lauren can do this because she doesn’t have to keep audiences by making them wait to hear one song, because after working so hard and gigging for so long, (Lauren was a member of the popular Melbourne folk outfit Pleasing Anna) Lauren can hold the audience there on every song.


Launching her EP Searching For Tall at the beautiful Wesley Anne, this tiny woman armed with a acoustic guitar, a voice that reverbs and echoes like a church and her acoustic backing band played emotionally through her set making sure that the audience felt what she felt when she was writing these songs.


In particular, “Like Woe” was introduced to the audience as her attempt at an upbeat song and spoke to all of us twenty-somethings in the audience as we stress about our place in this world.

Lauren’s soft, calm and reassuring vocals are home. Coated with an Australian accent, it is like the warm bed that you long to come home to after endless days of trying to make a life. It hugs you immediately and you know that everything is going to be OK.


During the set, Lauren invites up her friend to perform a cover of “Missing” by Everything But The Girl. Magic and beauty unfolded and their harmonies hit the air like a perfectly set piano link.


Throughout the show Lauren thanked individual people endlessly, eyeballing them and telling them how much she loved them. It was in these in-between song moments that Lauren was able to prove the heart behind her beautiful folk songs.


With three more shows, Lauren Glezer and Searching For Tall will fill the hearts of more people and remind us all that if we are ever lost, there is always a home in your own heart.


Click here to for more tour details for the Searching For Tall EP tour.



Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Sounds Like: The Waifs, Missy Higgins, Holly Throsby

Say What?: The song that gets Lauren dancing is none other than “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy.



Check out the amazing music video for “This Living” and try not to be moved.




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