Vance Joy – Dream Your Life Away

Melbourne man and singer-songwriter Vance Joy (James Keogh) recently delivered his debut album Dream Your Life Away. This curly-haired human is best known for his catchy single “Riptide” taking out number 1 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 last year.

Vancey lives and breathes folk music, but also has a sneaky law degree hiding up his sleeve, used to mow peoples’ lawns for cash money and was a pro footballer.

Last year, he signed a five-album deal with Atlantic Records and kick started an international tour. Dream Your Life Away stays true to Joy’s folky essence showcasing his trademark ukulele.

Acoustic vibes twisted with romantic notes and pensive folk-pop make for a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of album.

The video for “Mess Is Mine” features a polar bear (not a real one sadly), just someone wearing a onesie. If that isn’t enticing, I don’t know what is.

Not sure if the opening scene of the bear slipping off the tiny iceberg mirrors the scene from Titanic of Jack drowning, or if a subtle pointer to climate change?

All in all – Vance Joy delivers a sweet rendition of breezy folk.

Track list:
1. Winds of Change
2. Mess Is Mine
3. Wasted Time
4. Riptide
5. Who Am I
6. From Afar
7. We All Die Trying to Get It Right
8. Georgia
9. Red Eye
10. First Time
11. All I Ever Wanted
12. Best That I Can
13. My Kind of Man


Hometown: Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
Latest album: Dream Your Life Away – debut album (released 5 September 2014).
Sounds like: Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, Coldplay
Say what? Vancey revealed how he took up his stage name in an interview with Triple J, saying it was the grandfather’s name (a crazy old man and storyteller) in Peter Carey’s book, “Bliss”.

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