Goodman- I Would Die



Picture driving down the freeway at 2AM. The lights stream past you and you stay focused on the road, but your mind stays focused on something else. You’re winding around bends, automated driving. You get home and you lie on your bed, both hands on your heart, and you stare at your ceiling until you fall asleep.

It’s beautiful David Lynch frosty cinematography crossed with Wes Anderson, against all odds, love stories.

We’ve all been there.


This is “I Would Die” by the New York based indie-pop collective, Goodman.


With a simple synth-drum track, reverbed guitars and an addictive lyrical hook (“Honey I would die for you, honey I would die”), this lo-fi lament takes listeners on an honest journey through what we can only imagine all the heartache in those 1980’s teen movies felt like.


What is great about this song is the nostalgic landscape that it paints. Yes, this is a known trait of lo-fi music, but Goodman’s vocals sound like he is reading from a diary with his mind processing the events as he painfully makes them real through his speech.

It is when Goodman’s tone creeps up into a minor chord progression (“Honey I would die for you, you know it’s true”) that you recognise that perhaps he has gotten his hopes up for nothing (“I wanna tell you all the time but I can’t speak”).

This is what makes the song beautiful. It’s a teenage dream. It’s what we’ve come to know.


Give this song a listen as you wind down this amazing weekend Melbourne has given us. You’ll feel blessed in the realisation that emotions are a wonderful thing.



Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Latest release: “I Would Die/Never” released July 25, 2014

Sounds like: Beach House, Washed Out, Teengirl Fantasy

Say What?: Goodman released an entire album last year entitled Isn’t It Sad?. The whole thing is up for stream on his Soundcloud page so definitely give it a listen.


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