Flight Facilities – Down To Earth


Flight Facilities encompasses everything I love about nu disco – hell, they encompass everything I love about music.

Having seen them at an intimate Samsung Sounds event a few weeks back, they proved themselves to be the whole package. Friendly with the crowds, banger DJ set and good looking – they’ve got it all together.

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This album “Down To Earth” has been a long time waiting. Hugo and Jimmy state that, “We do live in a singles-based culture, so if you do an album, you have to do it right”. The duo have an excellent track record of singles and this album is full of them. You’ve got all their previous releases “Crave You”, “Stand Still“, “Clair De Lune” and “Two Bodies”, but most of their new tracks all very easily stand alone.

Feature artists are a-plenty – Owl Eyes and Reggie Watts both make appearances on previously unreleased songs “Heart Attack” (a personal favourite) and “Sunshine”. Their music truly lends itself to that softly sweeping female vocal so it’s both a surprise and not that Kylie Minogue guest stars, with her acapella rendition of old favourite “Crave You”. But they’re not a one-trick pony! While every song has that Flight Facilities stamp on then, they all have a distinct sound. Hip-hop territory featuring Bishop Nehru “Why Do You Feel” goes back-to-back with club friendly synth track “Down To Earth”.

The intro track thanks you for “choosing to fly with Flight Facilities”. It’s a good ride and a definite contender for album of the year.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Sounds like: Goldroom, AlunaGeorge, Hot Chip
Say what? Fans can buy the First Class Experience from their website including in-flight entertainment (album and exclusive remix), boarding pass (tickets to a show), and a Flight Facilities care kit. TOO CUTE.


Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane

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