Dead Seem Old- They Won’t Find Us




“They Won’t Find Us” is the debut indie-pop single from London producers Dead Seem Old. It starts off with hand claps and a two note guitar melody which is a compositional action that says “This song is pretty catchy” and “This song will probably be on an Apple ad soon”.

The vocals of Thom Wicks are very simple yet effective with the repetitive lyrics and melody creating a tune that is lovable and boppy.


Good for a sunny drive, good for a walk in the forest; “They Won’t Find Us” is an enjoyable and dancey number that throws you back to California in the 60s.

Dig it.



Hometown: London, UK

Latest Release: They Won’t Find Us, 2014 (single)

Sounds Like: Bibio, Mr Little Jeans, Blackbird Blackbird

Say What? “They Won’t Find Us” was written in a hotel room as Wick was on his way to Indonesia


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