Oddmob – Is It A Banger?

If you enjoy a little bit of Parks and Recreation in your life, take note of this track.

Does this sound familiar to you? “How many beats per minutes? How many drops? How dope are the drops? Were acoustic instruments used? If so, it’s not a banger. I once accidentally downloaded a Lumineers song…had to throw away my whole laptop just to be safe.”

That is from none other than my personal hero, Tom Haverford, or Aziz Ansari. And it is basically all the lyrics in Oddmob’s “Is It A Banger?”.

It’s not the most creatively produced EDM track, if it weren’t for the Tom Haverford-isms interjected on top of the repetitive bass beats, it would be just that – repetitive bass beats. But it’s a bit of fun from the duo Robbie Jacobs and Harry Hope (what a name, right?).

DISCLAIMER: There’s no denying this post was just an excuse to use a whole bunch of Tom Haverford memes.


Hometown: Brisbane, Australia.
Sounds like: Matt Zo, Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis.
Say what? This is their description on Facebook:

“On one particular misty morning in the alps, a bass loving Crystal Phoenix cried out in pain. Tears of sorrow shimmered down the luminous eyes of the Phoenix as it burned from the pain of a thousand mainstream bandwagons.
From the fallen crystal tears, two young, majestic, powerful and extremely good looking human spawns emerged tall and strong.
As prophecy proclaims, the very few words that spilled out of the two mouths went something along the lines of…”#yoloswag420blazeit4lyf”
And thus, the legend of the Odd Mob was born.”

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane

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