Teengirl Fantasy- Thermal EP




Teengirl Fantasy is an experience.

It’s not just dissonant beats and crystal synth noises.

It’s an experience.


Thermal is the latest release from Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, the duo that make up the dream-pop scape that is Teengirl Fantasy.

Despite its ability to carry itself through the ethereal musical passages on Thermal alone, the EP was released with a visual component for each song that, if anything, makes Thermal and Teengirl Fantasy the ultimate experience and game leaders in the deteriorating tradition of releasing music in our current technological era.


Each video brings a taste of imperfection into what we mistakenly see as the perfection of new technology. The advancement of CGI has created a blurred line between reality and virtual reality and through surreal sequences like that of Teengirl Fantasy’s new videos, we are able to realise this.

Thermal is Gasper Noe’s Enter The Void crossed with Terrence Gilliam’s Brazil and a drop of Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For A Dream.

Like their band name suggests, their music is PG voyeurism through R’nB beats and soft yet heavy synth creations.


What is outstanding about Thermal is (as mentioned before) that Teengirl Fantasy are capable of creating visuals in the minds of their listeners through the music alone.

Primarily instrumental and electronic based, Teengirl are a duo that push the boundaries together the often-segregated worlds of the audio and the visual.


“Cavescape” draws us into the world of Thermal. A world that trickles of natural light reflecting off walls, high moons, low tides and an adventure into the relationship between all that is the science of this universe, and all that is the human nature and its descent into technology. This is reflected through computer-glitch like sounds that feed in over the “Aphex-Twin-at-70BPM” melody.


This track obliviously feeds into “Lung” which feels like an extension of “Cavespace” however, after searching through the labyrinth of that instrumental track, we are met with the soft and guiding vocals of Lafawndah. This track is reminiscent of Teengirl’s work with the up and coming Kelela (“EFX”) and is a wonderful reminder of the way that the duo use unconventionally beautiful female vocalists to lead their listeners into the stories of their dreamscapes.


After another instrumental interlude (“7.30AM”), what I believe to be the strength of the EP arrives in “U Touch Me” which features the vocals of Seoul RnB vocalist and producer Hoody.

As the song slips between English and Korean lyrics, the lush beats and generated sounds behind Hoody detract from what we can’t understand and lead us into what we can; our own heads. The high-pitched and airy vocals of Hoody make this journey much easier and as it rounds off to close off the EP, we are left waiting in anticipation for what these geniuses’ can bring us again soon.


Dream on Teengirls, dream on.


Check out the full Thermal experience here.






Hometown: Ohio, USA

Latest Release: Thermal (28 November 2014)

Sounds like: Aphex Twin, Kelela, Gold Panda

Say What? Takahasi and Weiss met at a discussion about consensual sex at their college in Ohio.



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