I’lls – Fifty​-​Phiphti / Asakusa


Melburnians Dan Rutman, Simon Lam, and Hamish Mitchell from the electronica band I’lls (pronounced Isles), released their two-track EP Fifty-Phiphti / Asakusa earlier this month on a 12” vinyl as well as a digital album. If you don’t want to buy an awesome vinyl or a digital copy of the two-track, that’s fine since you can check out the EP on their official Soundcloud here!

Fifty-Phiphti / Asakusa brings a different vibe to I’lls’ table when compared to their previous releases, Thread EP (2011) and A Warm Reception (2013). The first track “Fifty-Phiphti” really sets the mood for the two-track with chopped vocals, chord progression and drums which give me the feeling of driving on a cold Australian morning watching the sun rise, so to put it simply, “Fifty-Phiphti” is cold with a warm subtleness behind it. The second track is “Asakusa” which opens with a chilling, disjointed, and glitchy sample of what I presume is a woman talking about hearing loss. This eventually fades and we are greeted with floaty bells and more looped vocals which are backed by a simple beat. “Asakusa”, to me, felt like it was constantly fighting to be awake after an alarm goes off. It achieves this through adding layers and then stripping them when the song’s momentum fades a few times in the first half of the song. The second half of “Asakusa” feels as if you have fully awoken, keeping a constant uninterrupted beat.

I think I prefer this new cleaner sound from I’lls. “Fifty-Phiphti” and “Asakusa” go hand in hand with each other, keeping a clean dreamy theme all throughout the two-track. They have personally earned a spot in my ‘Chilled’ playlist and I can’t wait to hear more from them in 2015, when they are scheduled to release a third EP! Whoooo!!!


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest release: A Warm Reception, released 17 June, 2013.
Sounds like: Mount Kimbie, Shigeto, Four Tet.
Say what? They have met ya boi bangs :O 

l8rs h8rs, Harry

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