Mika Ceylon – Crying All Day

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Incubating the vibes of old-school R&B/soul, Mika Ceylon drops a snippet of her latest track, “Crying All Day.” The Australian-born recording artist produced the melancholic slow jam in her New York apartment, with lyrics and beats fuelled by romantic affliction. It is literally and figuratively the type of song you save for a rainy day – a musical translation of the tumultuous rollercoaster ride we like to call human relationships.

Ceylon transcends her previous style of pop/R&B music to solidify her powerfully anchored roots in a more classical, renaissance of R&B, if you will. The harmonised fusion of soft beats and sweet, feminine vocals, elicit a sincere and elegant quality about the song – a rare treat for the old-schooler’s ears.

This throwback track is more than reminiscent of the early 90s; it pays due homage to the days when a love song brought you to your knees and a hairbrush to your face, as you belted out every note higher than the artist on the track itself – or perhaps some of us are still inclined to that justified form of self-expression.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Latest release: “Crying All Day”, released 17 November, 2014.
Sounds like? TLC, Tinashe
Say What? Mika Ceylon has been performing in clubs across Melbourne since the (under) age of fifteen.

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