East of Here – Where You Came From

Photo: Megan Carew Photography & Design
Photo: Megan Carew Photography & Design

You know when you feel like everyone is cut at you and so you lay on your bed and you stare at stuff?

You can say “No you fucking sook” but I know you all really mean “Yeah once a month matey, once a month”.

I feel like if you listened to “Where You Came From” by East of Here in these moments, it would release all the feels and you’d cry but you’d feel exonerated afterwards.

I’m no Dr. Phil but I was a teenager in a Frankston public school and if I can get through that then I’m one up on you and you can take my advice and listen to this track.

East of Here is a collaboration between two Sydney-siders Joel Spiteri and Mike Holm where soft and aching vocals are interchanged with slow electronic drum beats and wavering, delayed guitar melodies. A great success.

“Where You Came From” is the first single from these dudes and its bittersweet melancholy has us hooked.

The instrumental layers set off a misty dreamscape of redemption and regret as the guitar melodies seem to work from an era of Circa Survive teenage dreams.

All the components culminate to create a song that is beautiful, calming and washed with realisation.

We can’t wait to feel more.


Hometown: Sydney, #Straya
Latest release: “Where You Came From”, December 2014
Sounds like: Twin Caverns, Explosions in the Sky (with shorter songs and words), The Kite String Tangle
Say what?
 These dudes are playing the Mountain Sounds Festival with Alison Wonderland, DZ Deathrays, Northeast Party House and many more. Suss it here.

Paws and Pineapples, Cat.

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