NYE on the Hill @ The Farm – 2014/15


Excuse the missing chunks of time in this article but the gist is that NYE on the Hill was amazing. This was my first time on The Farm and even just lining up I was loving the vibes. Now, I am not a tent expert, but after two groups of helpful guys tried to assist, we were still unsuccessful. After resorting to duct tape and various strings the tent was kind of standing.

When a nutritious dinner break of goon, cookies and chips was had, we arrived at the stage in the middle of a dreamy Ngaiire set. The future-soul songstress was perfection for my delusional, sleepy state. Around about now I lost my friends and found some new ones (shout out to you guys from saving me from third-wheeling all festival).

Returning to the stage for The Delta Riggs, they play such an energetic rock set and I heard my first song by them that wasn’t “Rah Rah Radio”. After more snacks and chatting we saw hip-hop duo Jackie Onassis. Rapping isn’t usually my jam but they started off with a Sticky Fingers remix and I was hooked. They’re also a part of the One Day crew and gave a pumping performance of “Love Me Less”.

Day Two: Coffee is an essential ingredient to a properly functioning Nadia. After checking on the massive line three times, we gave in and joined it. It was oh so worth it and we spent the next few hours recuperating under a tree. Moving over to the stage at lunch, we saw WZRDKID. Maybe 2pm wasn’t the best time for them to be performing? Calls for everyone to ‘turn up’ weren’t felt by me but good effort to the group grooving up the front.

I was super keen to see the magician that was performing on the side stage. I guess we missed him because we ended up watching some kind of art group slow-motion walk through the crowds in black trench coats for 20 minutes. Realising we didn’t have any proper food with us besides bread, we bought some dinner from the much tastier looking food trucks (oh my god, bagel burgers!).

Garage grunge band APES started off our New Year’s Eve festivities, waking us up to sing-a-long with their catchy lyrics. Then Echo Drama chilled us back out with their wonderful reggae, hip-hop sound. Moving on to a cluster fuck of a burlesque/magic show which was hilarious, I never thought I would watch a man eat multiple cigarettes.


After a blank space of time we went to watch punk rockers The Bennies, renowned for their crazy sets this was no exception. With massive joint in tow, they killed it. “Knights Forever” of course made the crowd go nuts and turn into a crazy mosh.

I may or may not have wandered back to my tent with the intention of lying down for a minute and ended up passing out. Just a cheeky, short 3 hour nap. Emerging from my tent welcomed by ‘Happy New Years’, extremely confused until someone showed me their watch that said it was 2 am. It’s all good though, I woke up in time to see Oscar Key Sung, the person I’d been waiting to see the whole festival. Hypnotised by his future r’n’b beats we stood their swaying. When his show was unfortunately over, we listened to the DJ from afar until we trudged off to bed and that’s the end of the best New Year’s I’ve had so far.

So that’s it, Nadia.

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