10 THINGS: Falls Festival @ Marion Bay 14/15

1. When they say pack for all kinds of weather, seriously pack for all kinds of weather.

Coming from Melbourne, I’d say I’m used to the whole four-seasons-in-a-day weather. But Marion Bay really took the cake on this one. It was blisteringly sunny, rainy and windy all at once five days straight.

2. Saying goodbye to Bluejuice was fun and sad. 

Famous for their high-interaction and rambunctious gigs, they will be sorely missed from the live scene. Playing back some of their older tunes in their catalogue, it really made me realise just how long they’ve been around for and how they’ve never really disappointed in their careers.

3. Safia and DMA’s are some of the finest acts to come out of Australia in 2014. 

They are absolutely on point live and it’s all in the vocals. Tommy O’Dell and Ben Woolner have themselves some sweet vocal chords and they know how to use them.

Also DMA’s know how to party, but we already knew that. We later found them getting their drank on in VIP with Sticky Fingers and I couldn’t resist getting a cheeky photo.


4. Honourable mentions to SBTRKT, Remi and Cold War Kids

Especially Remi who was accompanied by Sensible Jay – he started his set off with a couple dozen people and ended it with a crowd.


5. Most surprisingly good? La Roux

She was fun, alright.

6. Being a volunteer is awesome. 

Allow me to list the perks:

  • Your camping area is actually liveable. Compare this to the “ghetto” camping area which is essentially Schoolies (and even younger – remember Marion Bay is all-ages, this means a LOT of underage kids running around trying to fit in as much sleazy behaviour into the three days as possible).
  • You get given these Falls water bottles that never get checked at the gates. Passing out too early at pre-drinks and missing your favourite act? Not going to happen.
  • Free meals, discounts for food trucks, free phone charging stations and hot water. It’s the little things.
  • Meeting other fellow, like-minded volunteers!
  • The infamous staff party at the end with free-flow booze, rowdy bartenders supplying beer bongs at the bar, a fuckload of good food (especially after all those muesli bars and mountain bread wraps) and damn fine music.
  • And pretty much the most important of them all – CLEAN & FUNCTIONAL SHOWERS. Oh God that shit wins it for me alone. Say goodbye to little dribbles of cold water that acts as an excuse for bathing devices, sick men parking themselves outside showers to wolf-whistle every girl that steps out of the showers, and used sanitary items stuffed into crevices.

7. Alison Wonderland doesn’t fail to bring the goods.

Though her DJ set was very similar (I daresay, nearly the exact same) as Stereosonic.

8. After Australia, Europe has had a solid presence the past year.

Ásgeir, Todd Terje and Milky Chance all attracted large crowds of people, and their names will no doubt pop up on the upcoming Hottest 100.

9. Flip Burgers, please branch out to mainland Australia.

Your fries changed my life.

10. Marion Bay is beautiful.

Definitely the best views I’ve ever seen at a festival. Appreciate dat ocean view while appreciating the music.

Courtesy of Falls Festival

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane

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