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Raph Dixon provides the beats for hip-hop duo Jackie Onassis and the collective One Day. I had the pleasure of having a quick chat with him about his plans for 2015.

Nadia: Hey Raph, so you guys had quite a busy start to 2015. Jumping straight from NYE on the Hill to Beyond the Valley.

Raph: Yeah, we were fortunate that Beyond is only about an hour’s drive from NYE on the Hill. But, then we had to catch a 5am flight to Cairns for New Year’s Day.

N: Oh, 5am nice. Did enjoy your first time at NYE on the Hill? I saw your set and everyone was loving it.

R: It was such a sweet experience. We had no idea what to expect being that it’s a boutique event and we were one of the only hip-hop groups but it ended up being such a good time.

N: So, do you mainly provide the beats for songs or do you also help with lyrics?

R: I’m primarily beats, I’ll give some lyric suggestions sometimes though. I think the hardest thing for any rapper is for them to admit they can’t rap. I know that I can’t rap. [laughs]

N:  I heard you were recording right now, a Jackie Onassis album perhaps?

R:  Exactly, we just finished recording the first single today. It’s going to be keeping us pretty busy over 2015. We’re really taking time off to focus on finishing the album and putting as much time in it as we can. Keep an eye out for us going on a festival tour later in the year as well. I can’t say anything else about it yet.

N: Jackie Onassis release quite a bit of music for free, most recently the Sushi Mixtape. Is there a reason for that?

R: Yeah, we released our first Holiday EP for free and especially with the Sushi Mixtape it’s just more of a fun experience. There’s less pressure and no need for marketing or anything like that. The mixtape has come out of our writing process for the album and gives people a taste of what’s to come.

N: What’s your favourite song to play live?

R: One Day’s “Love Me Less”. It always gets the crowd going and reminds me of when we spent a day creating it together when we were all on holiday in Byron.

N: To finish off, I’m coming to Sydney next week. Where’s the best place to party?

R: Definitely One Day Sundays. It’s a free party every Sunday and we just moved to a bigger location which means more bars, more toilets and better speakers for everyone!

Jackie Onassis’ Sushi Mixtape is now available online and One Day Sundays is held at The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville each Sunday from 1pm, come party with me next week!


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.

Latest EP: Sushi Mixtape, December 2014.

Sounds like: Illy, Bliss N Eso.

Say what: Jackie Onassis got their name from Raph and Kai reuniting at a ‘Modern American History’ lecture on Jackie Kennedy Onassis.


So that’s it, Nadia

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