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As I regretfully missed out on Glass Animals when they were in Australia in April last year and also missed their set at Falls Festival, I jumped on the chance to catch their sideshows. This was their last show of their Australian tour before heading back to the recording studio.

While I’m not sure about their reputation overseas, Australians particularly seem to love Glass Animals. Their album ZABA peaked at 12 on the ARIA charts and otherwise only charted in Belgium.

The best thing about their live show is lead singer Dave Bayley who is utterly charismatic and has adorable dancing, and at one point said “I think I gotta take my shoes off, it’s a bit hot”.

It’s such a rarity for band members to even consider allowing themselves anywhere near the moshpit full of commoners but on multiple occasions he was right down with the crowd, and everyone jizzed from excitement every time. Another thing about Bayley are his unique vocals which just don’t seem to match up with his out-and-out indie college boy looks. This is totally fine by me – it goes so wonderfully with their tropical sound and the palm trees flanking the stage.

In contrast to Bayley’s lively performance, the rest of the band were fairly typical in their presentation, mostly preoccupied with their various instruments. As they have just the one album so far, they played pretty much all the way through, with the crowd really reacting to that delicious track “Gooey”. How can you not wanna “know those peanut butter vibes”? Clearly a lot of people do, as they placed number 12 on the Hottest 100 with this track and had to deliver on a deal in return.

While there are stand-outs on this album, the set did get a bit same-samey towards the end. It was a good idea for them to encore with their sample driven Like A Version cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” which showed a bit of their versatility.

It would’ve been great to see them in a festival setting where I think they’d really fit the bill and I’m eagerly and curiously awaiting for their next creative output.

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane.  

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