The Wombats – Greek Tragedy


The Wombats recently dropped upbeat single, “Greek Tragedy”, accompanied by a cry-yourself-to-sleep video. The British indie rock trio promise to feature “Greek Tragedy” on their upcoming album Glitterbug in April.

The three musical marsupials met and formed in 2003. Matthew Murphy, Dan Haggis and the guy with the cool name Tord Øverland-Knudsen attended Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts together. Their debut single, “Girls, Boys and Marsupials,” was released three years later. Since then, they have launched A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation, The Wombats EP and This Modern Glitch.

Their latest combo of pop and punk, “Greek Tragedy”, is equally exciting and terrifying. The music video brings to life a crazed female fan slash serial killer. She is shown single-handedly murdering each band member in creative ways. If blood and gore makes you squirm, then avert your eyes and listen.


Singer-guitarist Matthew Murphy said in a Triple J interview that the song is pretty personal.

“It was a pretty odd time for me, something was ending, something was beginning, and things were overlapping and it was all pretty weird.”

Well, weird definitely comes across in the track. If you didn’t pay attention in drama and didn’t know what a greek tragedy was, watch at your own risk for a grim lesson.

As for the sound, the track begins with trippy high pitched notes conjuring up an image of floating in space. Drum rolls emerge, preparing you for the swanky beat to drop. When the beat finally kicks in, Matthew Murphy’s signature voice can be heard belting out punchy lyrics. After listening to this track a few times, Dan Haggis’ drumming skills can be said to be the highlight.

Classic pop song. Creepy video, unless you’re a fan of nightmares.


Hometown: Liverpool, UK.
Latest album: This Modern Glitch, released 22 April 2011.
Sounds like: The Jungle Giants, The Kooks & The Vaccines.
Say what? The Wombats performed two songs, “Kill The Director” and “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” on Aussie soap “Neighbours” in 2008 at the fictional venue of Charlie’s Bar.

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