FESTS // St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – 2015 // Footscray Community Arts Centre

Much-loved Laneway Festival wrapped its tour (extending to places like Detroit and Singapore these days) last week, and we got to see the festival from a PIP (Pretty Important Person) perspective. Yes, we’re only just slightly important.

See our tag-team review of Laneway Festival below.

Jane: Don’t go out until 4am the night before an all-day festival. The process of starting pre-drinks before 12pm is already hard enough to stomach without adding in being drunk only a few short hours ago on top.

Highasakite was the first act we caught of the day and I gotta say, they were slightly disappointing. This is somewhat devastating – I was obsessed with ‘Since Last Wednesday’ as soon as I heard it and Scandinavian pop is difficult to fuck up. But the heat, lethargy of the crowd, and my hangover didn’t help. So that might’ve been slightly my fault. Vibes = minimal.

Arianna: It was blistering hot, I was a sweaty mess, and I’m short as fuck. The Laneway strategy was tough. You either took Strategy 1—seeing few acts, but closer to the front, or you took Strategy 2—seeing many acts, but much further towards to the back. I got a few chances to glimpse Andy Bull during his set. He played with energy and charm, and it was a mellow introduction to the festival.

Jane: After seeing FKA twigs at Laneway Festival, I really, really wished I got to see her sideshow. The view from several hundred people back (curse Laneway for trying to stick to their namesake) did not do her stage presence justice. But at least we could hear her and her incredible voice. It was hard to believe we weren’t just listening to a CD recording, her vocals are so crystal clear live.

laneway festival

Arianna: By the time Little Dragon rolled around, it was raining. S’all good though because lead singer, Yukimi Nagano has seriously cute stage presence. With her infectious dance moves, the smoke machine blasting, and the rhythmic rainbow sounds of the Swedish electro band, Little Dragon’s chilled tunes seemed much more energetic on stage.

laneway festival

Jane: Caribou was one of my top acts for the day. After a lot of time spent swing swaying to various types of music, it was nice to cut loose under the welcome rain to some truly wonderful dance music.

Arianna: We ended the festival with a stellar performance from the enigmatic Banks. Playing tunes from her Goddess debut album, it seemed like everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics to every song. When she addressed the crowd, she spoke in a peculiar accent that none of us seemed to recognise. I think we all sort of fell in love with her by the end of her set. She was humble and shy, but strong and powerful at the same time.

laneway festival

Ciao ciao, Arianna.
Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane


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