In The HI-FI a filling crowd was anxiously sitting around waiting to see the Berlin duo, Modeselektor, perform. Mike Callander, one of the supporting acts, decided to get the crowd lubed up for the pumping that Modeselektor was about to give the whole crowd and I. People started to dance and fill the centre of the room filling their ears with musical lube.

When it was time for the two to start performing they begun by saying that English isn’t their first language and hardly speak it.  I didn’t really understand what this had to do anything but they did that a lot throughout the performance. So they started off with one of their more well known songs “Happy Birthday” which begun the almost 2 hour thumping and pumping session.  Another favourite of mine was played, “Evil Twin”, which the crowd was thrilled to hear.

After a few of their awesome tunes, Sebastian Szary (the craziest of the two Germans) looked over the crowd and saw lots of sweaty people wanting more of this energetic music in their ear holes. So he grabbed a few bottles of water and periodically sprayed the crowd with them. I thanked him with  high pitched screaming, out of time clapping and drunken dancing.

Sebastion also did the lighter in the air thing, which doesn’t actually have a name funnily enough, and everyone held their ciggie lighters high. He also covered the crowd in a bottle of Pink which was so shaken up it had become foamy white stuff… If you have caught on to what I’m saying yet this was ear sex with fire and water.

I highly recommend seeing these two guys perform so if you live somewhere in the world that isn’t Melbourne then maybe you can catch them. The visuals are amazing, the tunes are pumping and it was just a fun night being covered in foamy sticky stuff by two German guys…



Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Latest release: Modeselektion Vol. 3, released 2014
Sounds like: Apparat and Siriusmo
Say what? 
Radiohead’s Thom Yorke loves Modeselektor and has even collaborated with them

l8rs h8rs, Harry

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