Royal Tongues – Higher


This is a cute little synth pop track from new comers Royal Tongues – the third single from their debut EP, having previously released “Rollin’ On” and “The Balance”.

These guys, Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella, have a background in producing music for other artists, film and TV. They formed Royal Tongues in 2014 and have been steadily releasing catchy, melodic jams.

“Higher” is a stand-out track to me so far. It’s reminiscent of Passion Pit‘s work with its jingly feel-goodness and elevated vocals. It’s clear that they’ve take inspo from their commercial days, this track is just waiting to be the backdrop to every Telstra/Commonwealth Bank/”any massive corporation trying to take your money” ad.

Should be a good year ahead for the duo. Keep those listening ears out.


Hometown: Buffalo, NY.
Sounds like: Passion Pit, Grouplove, Smallpools.
Upcoming EP: Out early March.
Say what? At our very first LA show, Retta, who plays Donna from Parks and Recreation, was there, came up to us and said “great show”. This was especially fulfilling because Aaron and I (Justin) are huge Parks and Rec fans!” Join the club.

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane

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