The Budos Band @ The Corner Hotel

Budos band

Touring on the back of their fourth album, the very, very busy Budos Band managed to make some time to visit Australia on their current world tour.

The magnitude of this band speaks links and volumes when you map it out like this:

I have seen The Budos Band in everything else, but I have not seen The Budos Band as The Budos Band.

But something happened when I watched from the packed out crowd at The Corner Hotel that night.  I went in with high expectations and left early feeling a bit like this: “Umm…..”

The set list flowed well as they started with “Into The Fog”, smashed through “Ride or Die” and got everyone pushin’ on down to “Unbroken, Unshaven”.  With a few surprises such as a bit of a cover of
You Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes and “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin, The Budos Band definitely know how to pull a crowd together on a sticky, Melbourne Thursday night.

But what was it that made me pull my face weirdly?

They were sloppy.  They were sloppy for musicians that are legitimately A-grade music purveyors of any progressive movements that have made it into the mainstream in the last few years.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but let’s make it clear; this isn’t a band you go to watch to jump around too like Hilltop Hoods or Peking Duk.  This is a band you listen to because every beat and every line is just as meticulous as the next and you want to see how the shit they do it?

They did it, but only just.  And their only just, is still really fucking good.

But honestly, listen to Burnt Offering.  It’s a flipping great album.  And see The Budos Band, because I’ve only ever heard the greatest things about their live performances from others.  This time at The Corner, they just didn’t quite hit the mark.


Hometown: Staten Island, NYC.
Latest release: Burnt Offering (Oct., 2014).
Sounds like: The Menahan Street Band, El Michels Affair, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.
Say what? Burnt Offering was heavily influenced by 1970s metal music like Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

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