Clare Bowditch @ The Flying Saucer Club

Clare Bowditch

Have you ever seen The Tigger Movie?

There’s this bit in it where Tigger leaves Pooh and his mates and his house in Hundred Acre Woods to go and find his real family and his real home.

A montage plays and it gets you teary over Tigger walking through the snow while Kenny Loggins sings “Your Heart Will Lead You Home”.

The line “If you feel lost and on your own, and far from home, you’re never alone” gets me every time and this lost tiger in the snow montage is sad af.  But it all turns around when Tigger realises that he was at home all along in Hundred Acre Wood with his family Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore.

It’s so happy.  It is happiness.  It is love.  And there is so much of it.

Anyway….that feeling of ultimate and heart-filling happiness is what it felt like when Clare Bowditch walked onto the stage at the last show of her residency at The Flying Saucer Club.  My heart immediately felt full and warm as soon as I saw her in her floral crown and blue, flowing floral dress.

With only herself, an acoustic guitar, a Casio and a new electric guitarist (Adrian), Bowditch immediately had the audience under her spell with her sincere and comedic banter.

The comedian in Clare Bowditch arrived as soon as she commenced playing.  Her beautiful voice and melodic abilities pushed through a song that at first I thought was a little rushed but then I was sucked into the lyrical value of it all.  In awe, I did not realise that Clare was singing a made-up song until she sang “I think you can tell that this is not a real song” and “I don’t think this music industry has a place for me because I don’t take my clothes off in my music videos”.

Clare Bowditch is her own person.  She goes her own way (holla Fleetwood Mac!) and this is why, I believe, she has been able to survive in the music industry for so long.  She has 200% confidence in herself and her audience and her ability to be a strong and hardworking mother is an asset that rubs off on all that have the honour of being graced with her presence.

What makes this wonderful, is that while we are in awe of her, Clare dedicates her songs to us.  This came through in the sheer authenticity and honesty of her song “Amazing Life”, which she dedicated to each individual in the audience.  “Amazing Life” is a song about feeling lost in a world of overwhelming opportunities and Bowditch expressed her gift of making everyone in the crowd feel like she was talking to them and saying “Hey.  It’s going to be OK and you are going to be happy”.

Singing through  her huge catalogue of music (spanning over twelve years), Bowditch treated us to a new song where she looped her voice and chords on what looked like a minimalist kid’s Casiotone from afar.  As she did this, she split the audience into three and led each section into singing a part each under her vocals.  It worked to a great success and it placed the vibe that this was our musical story just as much as hers.

Clare helps us share music, and when we share music our hearts get bigger, our weights feel lighter and happiness finds its way in easier.

The monument, possibly, was her cover of “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes.  This was a song that Clare sang after she pointed out that the gig was taking place in an RSL, a place established for those that fought for the freedom of our country.  It definitely resonated as Clare’s soaring vocals seamlessly moved from chest to head voice whilst she sang about guardian angels.

This Side”, “You Look So Good”, “Divorcee By 23” and “When The Lights Went Down” were well-known favourites amongst the crows however, everyone was so elated just to be in Bowditch’s presence that I feel like she could’ve sang anything and people would still have loved her.

Clare closed with “Your Love Walks With Me” and it was like all the stars filled up inside everyone.  I saw people close their eyes and listen to her sing her words of utter and pure love.  It was a moment.

Clare Bowditch & The Feeding Set’s What Was Left got me through year twelve.  Hard.  I can still remember when she won an ARIA for “I Thought You Were God” and she was pregnant.  Years later I got to hear her kids cheering for her.  It was another moment.

As I sat at the beach that night and watched the sun go down I felt blessed to live in such an amazing country, in such a talented city and hear some of the heart strings of some of the people within it.

Thank you, Clare Bowditch.


Hometown:  Melbourne, Australia
Latest release:  The Winter I Chose Happiness (2012)
Sounds like:  Holly Throsby, Sarah Blasko, Lisa Mitchell
Say what? Clare runs her own motivational business called Big Hearted Business where she runs workshops, talks and programs for people to turn their creativity into a successful job.  What a woman!

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