Pearls – Pretend You’re Mine


This Melbourne act sounds exactly like what you think an alternative Melbourne band would sound like.

Pearls are Ryan Caesar, Ufo Payne, Ellice Blakeney and Cassandra Kiely. They formed in 2011 and are signed to one of our faves, Remote Control Records, and they’ve just released their debut album Pretend You’re Mine. Prior to this, they had a 2013 EP release and they’ve done some solid support work with Kurt Vile, Marnie Stern and Sons & Daughters.

There’s something to be said for bands who embrace their chosen personas entirely. If duo Client Liaison are straight out of the 90s, these guys are glam 70s. Just check out those flares.


I also love a band that switches between male and female vocals, as well as making use of entwining male/female harmonies. It lends such different feelings to each song, ensuring every track doesn’t fall into same-same territory. They do rocker Tegan and Sarah-esque girl band with “Baby” amd melancholic melodies with “Part Timer”. Dreamy vocals soften skuzzy guitars in “Straight Through the Heart” and a Western twang comes through in “Me and My Girl”. 

You’ve probably heard “Big Shot” floating along the airwaves. This first song on the album is definitely the most driving indie rock and pop-inspired, as well as the last song on the album, one of my personal highlights, “Pretend You’re Mine”. Much of the rest of the album is trance-like, ethereal, shoegaze. I’m writing this in my overheated bedroom, recovering from a head cold. This album is the perfect reflection of my headspace.

It’s a beautiful sonic landscape and if you want to hear it live, they’ll be touring their new album in Sydney and Melbourne over March, as well as a stint at Camp Casual on the 27th of February.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest album: Pretend You’re Mine, out 20 February 2015. 
Sounds like: 
Total Control, Moses Gun Collective, Rolls Bayce.
Say what? In an interview with The Ripe, they revealed that while they’re often compared with Kasabian, they don’t like them 🙁 don’t worry, we like them.

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane

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