SAHARA BECK – I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart


Sahara Beck’s “I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart” does something to me.

It resonates.  It sinks in slowly and her voice sticks around in my mind for days on end.

It reminds me of “Breathe In” by Japanese Wallpaper.  I like that song too.

Sahara Beck is 19.  Her voice is young, but full of the wide-eyed wonderment we once possessed.  It is raw.  It is telling.

A cross between folk and down-tempo beats, “I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart” is a song to listen to.  Sit, listen, absorb.


Hometown:  Brisbane, Australia

Latest Release:  Bloom (October, 2014)

Sounds Like:  Thelma Plum, Japanese Wallpaper, Meg Mac

Say What?  Sahara Beck released her first album (Volume One) when she was only 15!  Wonderment!

Paws and pineapples,


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