DZ Deathrays – Get Rich or Drunk Tryin’ Tour @ Northcote Social Club


DZ Deathrays‘ debut EP My Life back in 2009 was recorded entirely live at a house party. This sets the scene for one of their live shows. One big house party.

The founding members of Velociraptor employ a very different sound to the Brisbane super-group’s indie pop vibe. DZ Deathrays is thrashing dance punk and they’re bringing punk to the masses.

Only at one other gig have I witnessed crowd surfing within the first song, and that was Sticky Fingers. The difference here is that the crowd surfing started…and didn’t end until the very last song. It was like a huge queue for a theme park ride, they’d line up to get on stage, test the bouncer’s patience for how long they could stand up there, dive in, and then circle around to do it again, and again, and again.

And it was all young guys aspirationally dressed and styled exactly the same as Shane and Simon (read: shaggy long hair and black t-shirts), the bouncers on stage were probably having difficulty distinguishing who should and shouldn’t have been allowed up there. These guys really made the show fun on another level though. I was watching the crowd nearly more than DZ, the music was background house party music.

Not dismissing the music though. Big tunes “Gina Works At Hearts”, “Reflective Skull” and “Less Out Of Sync” drew screaming singalongs. They know how to appeal to their market, they play very well live, and they write great punk music that appeals right across barriers.

They also know how to toss a curve ball in. They first dropped their cover of Darude’s “Sandstorm” at the just past Falls Festival and they encored with it here. What a tune. I can’t imagine it’s the easiest trance song to cover via a guitar either. Darude’s legacy will live on, apparently.

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane.  

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