ya no solo

Ya No Solo are a fresh musical endeavour from Sydney that state on their Soundcloud, “We’re still getting our shit together”.

Their first and only release so far is “Last Chance” and features the soft pop vocals of Rebecca O’Brien.  It’s a track that promises a good future for this one man producing machine, Tiim Hempton.

The intro to “Last Chance” has a bit of a Marina & The Diamonds vibe that, depending on your views on music, can either throw you or keep you interested. I stuck around and found that by the time I got to the chorus, I was convinced enough to continue on.


Because when Rebecca O’Brien sings, “I don’t wanna be your last chance at a good thing” we start to hear some substance through the upbeat neo-pop style. The vocal layering, the rhythm and the articulation of O’Brien’s words set Ya No Solo apart from the myriad of Triple J Unearthed alt-pop bands that think that synths, Abelton and female vocals will get you through.

For a musical endeavour that is still getting it’s shit together, “Last Chance” shows a solid effort from Ya No Solo and we can’t wait to hear more of what is to come.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Latest Release: “Last Chance” (2015)
Sounds Like: Caribou, Montaigne, Klo
Say What
?Ya No Solo draws on training in what jazz guys call ‘legitimate’ music to produce pop songs that connect emotionally”- What a solid Unearthed profile statement.

Paws and pineapples, Cat.

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