LUCIANBLOMKAMP Sticker @ Goldilocks’ Elevator

On the way to see Lucianblomkamp‘s gig at Shebeen me and my good mate, Angus McKinnon, decided to find a bar called Goldilocks for some refreshing Scotch and Cokes. However, after arriving and finding out the place was full we decided to leave but before we left we saw the above sticker in the elevator. I couldn’t help but feel as though that sticker was an Omen sent by Lucian himself to foretell a great night ahead. And sure enough the Prophecy rang true.

After leaving Goldilocks we decided to head to Shebeen and acquire our desperately needed Scotch and Cokes… Or rather Scotch and Pepsi’. Maybe they were out  out of Coke or something? Scotch and Pepsi just doesn’t roll of the tongue properly ya’know? Downing a few Pepsi and Scotchs we decided to head in and watch Martin King perform some of his tight beats with vocals provided by both himself and Juliet Rowe. Show your support and please check Martin’s Soundcloud out!

So after talking to Martin about the fact he should be signed, we grabbed another Scotch and Co-… Pepsi and headed back inside the Bandroom to see the big man Lucianblomkamp himself perform.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP Performing a track off his album Post-Nature

The intimate Bandroom begun filling with fog which was illuminated with deep blue and pink lights. Once the atmosphere was set Lucian walked out on stage without saying a word and got to playing tracks off his Plunderphonic Post-Dubstep Neo-Soul album Post-Nature.

After playing a few killer tunes he walks to the back of the stage and grabs something, in the dark, cloudiness of the room that I couldn’t really see. His silhouette walks back to the front of the stage with a violin in his hand. After playing “Catskill Mountain Resort” live on his violin I couldn’t help to think to myself that the night had peaked and couldn’t get any better than that. I was very wrong.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP playing “Catskill Mountain Resort” on violin

Rosebud Leach, stepped up onto the stage and gave Lucian a helping hand with some amazing vocals, while Lucian played the guitar (another surprise), on a fantastic rendition of Jimmie Davis’s “You Are My Sunshine” called “Take Feat. Rosebud Leach“. The couple also sang a few more songs together before Rosebud stepped off to the stage to the crowd’s applause.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP Playing his guitar 

All I can say is that this dude is godly. Every song Lucian played was amazing! Keep an eye out and try to catch one of his live shows because they are an experience.


Hometown: Melbourne
Latest Record: Post-Naturereleased 2014 by Yes Please Records
Sounds Like: Shlohmo, James Blake, Mount Eerie, Oneohtrix Point Never
Say What?: Lucianblomkamp and Rosebud Leach are dating! Nawwwwwwwwww

l8rs h8rs, Harry

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