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Earlier this year we talked to Seth Sentry a month after he dropped the new track ‘Run’ and announced a series of dates around our sunny nation. Fast-forward to March and he’s in the middle of it, selling out both shows in Melbourne and bringing his infectious rhymes to us grateful punters. In case you aren’t familiar with him, Seth over quite a short career has become one of the most successful artists in Australia, touring extensively in support of several releases and asserting himself as a key figure in our unique brand of hip-hop. Widely known for his laid back and often humorous style, Seth has come to encapsulate all that is good about the modern MC – wit, on point flow and a total passion for what he does. Naturally we were excited to see him at one of his Hi-Fi shows for what was sure to be a great performance. However, as per usual he and his fellow performers Citizen Kay and Coin Banks unknowingly had a difficult task ahead; could they make me forget about my crippling hangover from the night before?

Seth’s set was composed of all that one would hope from him. It’s not often that new material garners the same level of froth as whatever launched an artist into the spotlight, but ‘Run’ was met with a lot of smiles and a lot of singing. Of course, Seth’s older hits were highlights – I’m pretty sure the friend I took with me started crying when ‘The Waitress Song’ came on, and ‘Dear Science’ got people pissed off over the general lack of hover-boards kicking around. What did it for me was his Like A Version cover of ‘Punch in the Face’, a punk song by one of my favourite bands, that he somehow managed to make better than the original. It must have been the cutting and scratching of the DJ who, despite a hilarious fuck up towards the end of the set, was impressive in his skill throughout the night.

Seth Sentry’s legendary status amongst the Australian hip-hop community was pretty well evident in the enthusiasm of the crowd. I’m almost certain the sound guy had to mix his vocals higher than usual as every line he delivered was memorised by at least 150 people there, not to mention the hooks accompanied by deafening participation. Arms were flailing, beer was flying through the air – it was rowdy. One of the best moments of the night was the impressive crowd surfing of Seth’s DJ. If you’re familiar with the layout of The Hi-Fi, there’s a pretty long staircase at the side of the venue that goes up to a balcony with a bar. He managed to surf from the stage, up the staircase (the fall from which would surely equal death), got a drink from the balcony bar and came back down without touching the ground.

It’s just really difficult to not love what Seth Sentry does. You can tell all he wants to do is perform and entertain, and it’s a relief for an artist like him to be in circulation to remind us all that the music industry still has its soul.

Sorrento, VIC.
Latest Release:
‘Run’, single released 10 December, 2014.
Sounds like:
The Herd, Aussie hip-hop in general.
Say what?
A cockatoo fucked my interview with him.

Deaf, cold and drunk, Leo signing off.

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