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Melbourne boys Northeast Party House are about to kick off their national ‘Double Darts’ tour, I had a chat to Sean, the synth player, about the electronic-rock group.

Nadia: Hey, you and the rest of Northeast Party House had a big start to 2015, playing Falls and Mountain Sounds. How was that experience?

Sean: Falls was pretty surreal. It was the biggest sea of people we’ve ever played to. It was great, but hard to feel connected to them. They were the biggest, messiest crowd and it felt like they would’ve partied to anything. We’re not really used to it yet, it’s like I’m used to driving a go-kart and they just handed us a Formula-One car. (laughs)

N: You also came back to Melbourne and did a gig at Ding Dong Lounge over New Year’s Eve. Do you prefer playing at those smaller venues?

S: It’s nice to have a contrast and to mix up what we’re doing. I think in an intimate space you get a lot more gratitude from the crowd. Everyone seems more receptive because they bought tickets to specifically see us.

Pausing the interview so Sean can drive a around a forklift and some rants about how shitty it is driving in the city.

 N: A few days ago you debuted your Any Given Weekend (Documentary…kind of), what gave you the idea to film it?

S: We filmed over the three days of Falls and Ding Dong. It was such a special time for us and we wanted to share our experiences with our fans. It was kind of our promotion for what’s coming this year as well.

N: You start your ‘Double Darts’ tour on Friday (20th of March), is this the biggest tour you’ve done to date?

S: We’ve never had a tour with this many shows before. This tour is spread the widest and we’ve never been to Hobart. They’re also some of the biggest venues we’ve ever had and the ticket sales are going really well which is great.


N: You had such a busy 2014 including releasing your album, what’s the plan for 2015?

S: We have started writing new music again but I have no idea when new music will be out. Hopefully a new single around June. We also plan to tour overseas in the US and Europe around October.

N: Do you feel like your sound has changed as you write new songs?

S: It has changed quite a bit. They’re better (laughs), more open and there’s more thought put into the story of the songs. I think we’re becoming more accessible and open. Not so much in your face. Some of our other songs didn’t have enough space to dance to and these new ones do.

N: Finally, what’s your favourite song to perform live?

S: “Fake Friends”, I think that’s everyone’s favourite song to play. I like it because I get to play really loud synths and the cowbell.

N: (Laughs) Cowbells make any song great.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.

Latest album: Any Given Weekend, 16 May, 2014.

Sounds like: Foals, DZ Deathrays.

Say What? Some members were only in year eleven when the band started in 2010!

So that’s it, Nadia

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