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Let’s get to the point. Run is a fucking fantastic debut from Alison Wonderland.

The album dropped yesterday and I’m already playing it on repeat. It’s her best piece of work so far and that’s saying something because we rated her Calm Down EP very highly.

Run delivers and surpasses. As cliché as this sounds, the album title is actually kind of perfect. Alison is quickly evolving her sound, and her production techniques have gotten more creative. Albums that fall into the dance genre category often run the risk of sounding a bit same-same. However, each song on the album has a distinct place and they roll from one to the next seamlessly. Hate this overused word, but it’s cohesive. She’s making strides forward and she ain’t stopping.

“I Want U” and “Cold”, two of her tracks off her Calm Down EP, feature on the album. My main critique of her EP is that her vocals aren’t strong enough. I definitely can’t say the same about her new stuff. Her vocals sound clearer and stronger, particularly on “Take It To Reality” and “Games”. The lyrical content is also a step up and provoke a bit more thought than her previous releases.

It’s a good mix of heavy bangers with “Naked” and “Carry On”, softer mid-tempos with “Run” and “Take It To Reality” and ominous melodies throughout “U Don’t Know” and “Back It Up”.

There’s also a balance with the featured artists. They inject a good amount of flavour into each song without overtaking the track. Slumberjack, Johnny Nelson, GANZ, Awe, Brave and Lido are all part of the crew, but it’s SAFIA’s “Take It To Reality” that really stands out.

However, “Run” remains my favourite on the album. It’s the first track and a perfect song to get the party started. It’s a slow build but you immediately notice how her sound has developed and strengthened.

Run is the product of hard work as well as constraint. It’s busy at the right times, and stripped down when it needs to be. Alison was careful not to over-think each track and it’s a choice that paid off. Fucking excellent job Alison Wonderland.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia.
Latest album: Run,
released 20 March 2015.
Sounds like:
Flume, LDRU, Wave Racer.
Say what?
Alison Wonderland is holding a series of secret warehouse parties for the launch of Run. All you have to do is show proof of purchase of her album and you’re innnnn. Nice marketing strategy eh? Her Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane shows have already passed, but she’s hitting up Perth tonight and Adelaide tomorrow. GET READY.

Ciao ciao, Arianna

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