Brandon Flowers – Can’t Deny My Love

brandon flowers

I never know how to feel when the lead singer of a successful band breaks away and goes solo. Imagine the conversation.

“Hey guys. As I have the fame and functional ability to capitalise on our success I’m gonna head out by myself for a bit.” Seriously. Good luck releasing anything as a solo drummer or bassist.

Anyway, Brandon Flowers of The Killers has had both great success as Brandon Flowers and with The Killers. And five years after his first album Flamingo he’s planning on releasing The Desired Effect.

Flowers announced his sophomore album via this rustic yet showy note on his website. The Ariel he refers to here is Ariel Rechtshaid, who’s worked with pretty much every single person ever. Once you’ve ticked artists like Beyonce, Usher and Madonna off your list, a happy retirement is around the corner.

His first single is “Can’t Deny My Love”, and I must say it’s instantly gripping. While it’s nothing too out of the ordinary from Flowers with its big, bellowing chorus and euphoric build ups, it does feel more pop. And the lyrics are relatively uninspired, considering the beautiful story-telling and scene-setting lyrical content The Killers usually employ.

However, if we’re comparing, it’s definitely preferable to “Crossfire”- his first single from Flamingo, which was instantly forgettable. This has that fiery Killers punch and passion, it’s very catchy, and has some interesting features. The layered vocal take during the first bridge “What’s going on your head now / maybe something I said now…” is really quite cool and some of the riffs have a Spanish flavour to them.

He’ll be releasing The Desired Effect through club shows and festivals, starting with just a casual stint at Webster Hall in New York on the 24th of March.


Hometown: Las Vegas, US, via Nevada, US.
Upcoming LP: The Desired Effect, out May 2015.
Sounds like: The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys
Say what? Brandon Flowers is a mormon.

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