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lisa mitchell

Although small, softly spoken and clearly introverted, Lisa Mitchell captivated a full house at Howler on Friday night and left everyone feeling a flutter in their heart and undoubtedly lighter in their steps.

The show was intimate and minimal with Mitchell performing with only a pre-recorded electronic drum track and a bass player.

To be honest, I was a bit taken a back by this approach and this is only because I once saw Ben Lee play with an iPod as his backing band and I felt the fury the others feel when they only merely see his face.

To her credit, although having a backing track can be awkward, Mitchell managed to pull it off. I feel like this is because there’s something in the way that she holds herself on stage. It’s hard to pinpoint but I’ll throw some words out there and hope you get the meaning: “fragile”,”wondering”, “discovering”,”innocent”.

Another positive of what I will dub ‘The Minimalism’, was the opportunity for crowd involvement. Mitchell trained the crowd to sing the best part of ‘Spiritus‘ (‘Won’t forget you / Won’t forget you’) whilst she bopped through one of the most positive songs you’ll ever hear.

‘The Minimalism’ also brought forth an a cappella version of her latest single “Wah Ha” featuring Melbourne musicians Yeo and Big Smoke. This version of ‘Wah Ha’ was intricate and emanated the happiness that’s in the coming together through music, which Mitchell’s songs put forward.

Since being a fan of Lisa Mitchell when she sang ‘See You Soon’ on Australian Idol, one of the things on my forever-fluctuating bucket list is to see her perform ‘Pirouette‘ live. It happened. It was beautiful. The audience was silent and floating and deeply moved, and exactly what I imagined it to be like.

An acclaimed musician and genuine in every sense that that word could ever mean, we were all graced by Lisa Mitchell’s presence and all the more happier for it.


Hometown: Albury, Australia.
Sounds like: Clare Bowditch, Holly Throsby, Sarah Blasko
Say what? Lisa Mitchell has an amazing tune with Andy Bull called ‘Dog‘. Suss it below…

Paws and pineapples,

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