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dorsal fins
Melbourne band Dorsal Fins played the Gasometer to launch their debut album, Mind Renovation. The alternative group have received quite a bit of triple j play on “Mind Renovation”, the title track of their debut album.

I arrived to see electronic rock group Jacky Winter. They’re Rolling Stones brought into the 21st Century. Jacky Winter’s strong vocals and heavy guitar really made the group stand out to me. The three piece group was so energetic on the stage. Jumping around to playing the tambourine, maracas and guitar all whilst singing.

dorsal fins

Any band that has a brass section is okay with me. Dorsal Fins has up to ten members in the band, I think I counted nine this night. If you like Saskwatch then you’ll probably like this band as trumpet player and song writer, Liam McGorry, is a part of both.

The band’s eclectic sound made for an interesting set. Switching it up between male and female led songs was a nice change of pace for the night. The first song they played, I think it was “Superstar”, was such a dreamy tune and Ella’s vocals are stunning. I do prefer their louder and faster songs like “Mind Renovation” and “Cut the Wire” instead of the some of the quieter songs they have. The more trumpet the better for me.

Every song sounded different and it’s great to see such a fun, experimental group.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest release: Mind Renovation, out February 2015.
Sounds like: King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard, Saskwatch.
Say what? Pretty much everyone in the band are in multiple projects, including Saskwatch, Eagle and the Worm and Ella Thompson’s solo project.

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