Tei Shi – Verde

tei shi

Melodies that at face value shouldn’t work. But they do, and quite well at that.

Tei Shi aka Valerie Teicher is all about that life. This is a stunning five-track EP, produced by Luca Buccellati and Dave Bayley from Glass Animals, and mixed by Patrick Wimberly from Chairlift. That dreamy Chairlift influence isn’t missed and those trademark Glass Animals jungle samples make a cheeky appearance along the way.

The pace of this EP dips, peaks and dips; starting and ending with serenades and beautiful harmonies in ‘Can’t Be Sure’ and ‘Get It’. That vocal range. Wew. I fell in love with the lead single ‘Bassically’ when I first heard it and the build up to the explosion of sounds made up entirely Teicher’s demonstration of her vocal range. Mariah Carey better watch herself.

Teicher isn’t unfamiliar to the blogging world. She’s a Hype Machine frequent, including a chart topping track she did with Glass Animals – ‘Holiest’. She kicked it all off when she released her debut single ‘M&Ms’ and debut EP Saudede in 2013. This debut had more electronic leanings and her voice had a jazz quality to it back then. She’s since refined her whole sound. In essence, this new EP is a capture of Teicher’s best work, and it’s future R&B executed on point: well thought out layers, perfectly timed off beats and unprecedented melodies.


Hometown: New York via Argentina.
Latest EP: Verde, out April 2015.
Sounds like: Banoffee, Banks, Lowell.
Say what? Tei Shi self describes her sound as “mermaid music“.

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